The property has passed in… What happens next?

With auction clearance rates dropping across the Australia’s capital cities, it is important to know what happens once a property is passed in. If a property goes to auction and doesn’t meet the reserve price then it is the duty of the auctioneer to ‘pass in’ the property. Typically, the auctioneer will give first rights …Read More

Optimism for first home buyers

After a challenging few years of competition and record-high housing prices, first home buyers (FHBs) are making a resurgence throughout early 2019. Taking advantage of the property slump and reduced competition, FHBs are now playing their part and getting their foot in the door bringing a fresh sense of optimism. With recent clearance rates hovering …Read More

Why is a Conveyancer important to your property purchase?

A conveyancer is a critical player to have on your side during your property purchase. They are the legal practitioner who plays the important role of managing all the contracts, settlement monies and government registrations.

Here is a snapshot of the important roles that they undertake to ensure that the purchase of property is a smooth …Read More

Financial Boot Camp – Preparing for your Home Loan

Applying for a home loan can be a frustrating and lengthy process, especially in an ever-increasing difficult credit market. With very cheap interest rates and more properties coming onto the market, 2021 has seen huge demand on a buyer front. This is providing many great opportunities to first home buyers who are ready with the …Read More

Who wins from Australia’s property market slump?

The changing landscape of Australian property has exposed some unfortunate losers however it is not bad news for all segments of the market.

Over the last 12 months, Melbourne and Sydney markets have seen a fall of 9.1% and 10.4% respectively from the previous record highs in mid 2018. Here are some groups that are the …Read More

What benefit does a Buyer’s Agent offer to my property search?

A buyer’s agent is a real estate professional who represents buyers in the purchasing of property. In the competitive Melbourne market, more prospective buyers are turning to Buyers Advocates to assist them in their search for the right property.

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Buyer’s Agent?

Knowledge of particular neighbourhoods

Buyer’s Agents are experts in researching …Read More

What you need to know before making a pre-auction offer

In keeping with current market and economic conditions, there has been a steady rate of deals being negotiated pre-auction amidst the unravelling Covid-19 situation across the country. Extended lockdown laws have influenced many vendors to move away from the traditional method of selling via auction allowing for many prospective buyers to negotiate via other methods such …Read More

The Bank of Mum & Dad

With the challenges of high housing prices and strong competition, first-time buyers are looking towards financial assistance from their parents to get their foot on the property ladder. According to Digital Finance Analytics, an estimated 55% of first-time buyers are now receiving help from mum and dad or other family members in order to kick …Read More