Is now a good time to refinance my mortgage?

Banks are continuing to fight hard for business amidst the current Covid-19 pandemic with many lenders offering the lowest interest rates in Australian history. Further to exceptionally low interest rates, some lenders are offering cashback offers of up to $4,000.00 when those refinance their investment loan or home loan. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) …Read More

What is driving the housing recovery?

Since bottoming out in May 2019, Australia’s housing market has rebounded positively in the last 3 months. CoreLogic’s national home value index shows Australian housing prices have increased by 1.7% since May.

Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, recorded a third consecutive month on month gain with cumulative rises of 3.3% and 3.2% respectively. We …Read More

The Bank of Mum & Dad

With the challenges of high housing prices and strong competition, first-time buyers are looking towards financial assistance from their parents to get their foot on the property ladder. According to Digital Finance Analytics, an estimated 55% of first-time buyers are now receiving help from mum and dad or other family members in order to kick …Read More