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What’s the advantage of using a Broker?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the advantage of using a Broker?

To put it simply, we work for you, not any one particular bank. This provides some significant advantages:

  1. Choice – When searching for a product that best suits your needs, we have access to 36 lenders with hundreds of products. Your local branch can only recommend you their branded product, which may not be the best solution for you
  2. Relationship – Bank staff can be moved around the organisation due to performance or to mitigate risk. At 40 Forty, we commit to forming a relationship with our clients that will last a lifetime
  3. Follow Up – How many calls have you had from your bank to offer you a cheaper rate? Thought so. It’s our job to constantly be on the look out for offers that are well suited to your needs
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