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40 Forty no fees lending

Utilising the services of 40 Forty is completely free.

How it works

We are paid commission from the lender that supplies you with your loan. This commission can vary slightly from lender to lender, however we will disclose the exact amount to you before we submit your application to your preferred lender.

We work for you, not the bank. Finding the right deal for you is our number one priority.

Does that make your loan more expensive?

Using a Broker does not mean you get a worse deal.

Banks only pay us for the deals we place in their products. If a bank was to write the deal themselves, they would need to price in all costs including branch staff wages, office rent, cars, phones, training and education…

In short, a loan originated by a broker has a lower cost base for the bank than a loan they write themselves, hence being able to pay commission to the introducing Broker.






Broking Fees
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