Redraw V’s Offset: What is better for you?

An offset account or redraw facility are common home loan features many lenders offer. These features give you the functionality to store additional repayments/savings against your loan while reducing the interest charged on your home loan. The funds remain accessible to you should you want to draw on them in at any point in the …Read More

Victoria’s new Tenancy Rules explained

The Victorian Government has recently passed new laws under the Residential Tenancies Act that will increase the rights of renters. These new changes will come into effect on July 1, 2020.

As a renter or investment property owner, it is important you understand what the planned changes are and how they may impact your decision-making.

Key Points:

Landlords …Read More

How to avoid overcapitalising

What is overcapitalising?

Overcapitalising refers to the process of improving property beyond its actual value. For example, spending $100k renovating the kitchen and bathroom of a $600k property, doesn’t automatically mean the property is worth $700k. A sale price of your property is always going to be determined by what someone will pay for it. The …Read More

Buying a second property? Consider all options first

Buying a second property requires hard work with a disciplined and strategic approach. If done correctly, a second property as an investment can set you on the path to building greater wealth for your future.

Just because you have purchased one property doesn’t make the second one any easier and below you will find some areas …Read More

How important is a property valuation?

What is a property valuation?

A property valuation is the process of acquiring information involving the construction and physical characteristics of the property, the size and any issues that may be involved. Data collated from comparative sales within the area also considered when determining the value of the property.

This is completed to determine the value of …Read More